Oat VegaMill with berries

MADE from OAT, which:

  • Contains 12 essential amino acids,
  • Is a source of vitamins B, that improve metabolic efficiency,
  • Is rich in fibers, which help to regulate the digestive system.

Ingredients: spring water, oat flour, juices and puree from berry (chokeberry**, blueberry (bilberry), raspberries, strawberry), sunflower oil, sea salt, sweetener – glycosides derived from steviol (stevia extract).

 Fat 1,5 g
    of which saturates 0,5 g
 Carbohydrate 6,7 g
    of which sugars* 3,4 g
 Protein 1,3 g
 Salt 0,1 g
192 kJ
(46 kcal)

* contains only naturally occurring sugars

**used  juice from concentrate

Shelf life – 12 months. Keep at temperature of  0 °С up to 25 °С and relative humidity of no more than 75 %. Keep the open pack at 2 °С up to 6 °С within 3 days.

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